Thank you to those that submitted applications for BYBC's Dance Education Scholarship for Fall 2010.

We are very pleased to announce the recipients of the Dance Education Scholarship for Fall 2010 . . . .

Reed Tankersley is an 18 year old dancer who has been studying dance since the age of 5.  During the past 13 years, he has studied modern, ballet, contemporary and jazz.  Just this past week, he left his home in Los Altos, California to attend The Juillard School in New York, where he intends to prepare for a career in the arts.

Vanessa Alschuler is 16 years old and has been studying dance for the past seven years.  Her training includes ballet, jazz, lyrical and character.  She attends the Burbank School of the Ballet in Burbank, California, and will use the scholarship to continue her dance education there.

Based on the feedback and recommendations of the Selection Committee, each recipient will receive a $950 scholarship toward the dance education program of their choice.

The BYBC board would like to thank the Selection Committee -

Jaime Rogers - dancer/performer, choreographer, instructor & producer

Mignon Furman - dancer, choreographer, educator; Founder, American Academy of Ballet

Jeri Gaile - dancer, actress, singer, performer & producer for stage, film & television; educator; Director of the Music Center Spotlight Awards

Each applicant will receive written feedback from the members of the Selection Committee.  BYBC hopes that this feedback will help the applicants as they continue to pursue their dance education and career.

BYBC would also like to thank those that have made generous contributions to the organization.  Your donations have made this and other BYBC programs possible.

BYBC hopes to offer additional scholarships in the months to come.  But the organization's ability to do so, depends upon the support of our donors.  No contribution is ever too small, and every dollar received will be put toward the BYBC programs that further its mission to provide dance education and to encourage dance appreciation in the community.  Click here for more information or to make a tax-deductible donation.

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Dance Education Scholarship - Fall 2010 Guidelines & Application

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